Day 23 Tue Feb 13. Alta 3300m vertical (57900 total)

Great Day!

Almost got away just a little behind schedule until I tried to find my Alta pass – pulled everything apart and finally found it in a perfectly logical spot – just a shame it was in the last spot I looked.  Had been worried that traffic might be an issue but only dropped below 120 kmh a couple of times, and got to Alta just in time to get one of the last spots at Albion car park. 

Brilliant sunny morning.  No fresh overnight to add to the 8 inches they’d picked up Sun night into Monday but about 6C below freezing and snow holding up well.  Straight up Supreme, did a few turns off track off Big Dipper then down an (unfortunately) groomed Rock N Roll – but still quite nice.  Then up Sugarloaf and across to Ballroom which had some very nice snow.  Back to Alf’s for elevenses then figured I was running out of time to have a crack at Catherines.  The short climb up to the traverse almost had me calling for the defibrilator – my lungs haven’t been even close to working properly since about day 3 (which is partly why the skating skis are still in their bubble wrap).  But once recovered and clipped back into the skis a nice traverse and a delightful run down the top section.  Normally have to wend my way down a steep bumpy section to the run out but with the low snow this year the bumps were actually small trees and there was no way I was heading down through there.  So traversed through the trees to rejoin the trail through the flats.

From Supreme lift had seen what looked like a promising alternative to the lower section which is often pretty scratchy (particularly in low snow) so did another short climbing traverse and tried to cut across to it, but the traverse had been cut by someone way more confident / competent than me – rocks, bumps, small trees – the works.  So baled and cut back toward the standard run only to find myself looking down on a really nice runout.  Unfortunately looks can be deceiving – on the second or third turn managed to scrape back to gravel which brought me to a rather sudden halt!  But generally a good runout to finish off a great run.  Back up Sugarloaf and another run through Ballroom and some really nice ungroomed off the side of Main Street.  By the time I got to Watsons Shelter to have lunch I was barely capable of walking.

Somewhat recovered after chilli and coffee headed back to Sugarloaf and headed for Razorback – partly to check out whether Cecret Saddle looked doable.  Some sizeable bumps but once again lovely soft snow and found a few different little side runs on the way back to Alfs.  Clouds rolled over for a few minutes a couple of times and even managed to wring out a handful of snowflakes. Finished the day with a final trip up Supreme and a relatively straightforward run down with only a few off track diversions.  An appropriate finish to the day when I fell over trying to unclip from my skis – I could barely stand but felt most satisfied.  Given the low snow level and with the fresh already being well tracked, today provided some truly great skiing.

Really enjoyed having only a 35 minute post ski drive instead of the 4 hour one of the last 2 days, and did my last motel check in for the trip.  Still feeling weary after lugging everything upstairs, but after cointreau, beer, cheese and biscuits and a bath, life was looking up.

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