Day 1. Yarrawonga – Dookie. 80 km, 230 m vertical

Better post this now in case we all get washed away overnight. Warm and humid right from the get go.  First breakfast of hotcakes from Maccas accross the road from the camp then second breakfast at a bakery in town.  Back to camp just on 9 as the route was opening, so very slow going for the first few clicks till everyone sorted themselves out.  Despite being way too tropical for my liking, riding was very enjoyable – not much wind, quiet roads and not too much of the crazy riding antics often found on day one.

Lunch was so early it seemed like 3rd breakfast, at a pretty waterhole on Boosey Creek at Tungamah.  Clouds were brewing and the fine weather was obviously not going to last much longer.  Even more humid by 2nd rest stop, and a real relief when the first few drops of rain came.

Camp was a few km out of Dookie at the agricultural college, so took a detour into town – quite pretty though not a lot there. Had what was easily the best coffee of the day which more than justified the side trip.

Starting to rain quite steadily as we arrived in camp and the only variation in the 7 hours since has been the intensity.  Trevor had managed to save us campsites, and once set up, proceeded with the standard post ride rituals – rehydration on light beer and visiting today version of the local sausage sizzle.  It’s terrible being such a creature of habit.

Raining steadily by dinner time. Trevor & Melissa opted to eat standing up just so they could get under cover, but I didn’t lug full wet weather gear along for nothing, so sat down at a table out in the open scooping dinner and watching my glass of wine being slowly diluted by the rain.

Wandering back to the tents watching people wearing thongs losing them in the rapidly growing quagmires. By morning this will make some of the campsites in NZ look positively dry.

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