Day 25 Fri Feb 15. Glenwood Springs – Snowmass – Grand Junction 4700m vertical (71550 total)

And for a second day we got skunked – this time the best part of the storm hit the southern CO mountains (yesterday was the northern ones).  Just 10 cm at Snowmass and even less at Vail, so decided to end the skiing for this trip at Snowmass.  In a break between systems and actually had quite a bit of sunshine – and it was bordering on warm! Headed straight back to Big Burn area and started with a run way out wide following the rope line on the aptly named Sheer Bliss through open gladed areas and ending up on a nice soft groomer.  So nice I did it all again.  Was skiing a little drier than yesterday – still way denser than what I expect here but much fun.

After 2 runs my legs were screaming and I found myself inexorably drawn toward Up4Pizza.  With the queue now very short headed for the summit poma then realised the reason there was no queue was that it was broken!  Did a couple of runs way out wide on the other side in Sneakys Glades.  Starts off with well spaced trees but as got lower got a bit tighter and more technical.  Soft enough and low enough aspect to let me ski in spaces that would normally feel too tight.  Finally got a trip up on the poma and just about got blown off the hill with snow blowing sideways.

Just managed to squeeze one more run on each side with a nice freshen up with the windblown before the long run back to base where I could hardly get my skis off I was so exhausted.  So of course there was only one way to finish off the day and the skiing for this trip.

Slow trip back down the Roaring Fork to Glenwood where I hit peak hour.  Would have been nice to spend another night here but my already expensive accommodation would have been way more expensive tonight, so instead did an easy 90 minute drive down the Interstate to Grand Junction. Leaves me a relatively relaxed 5 hour drive back to Salt Lake tomorrow before Sundays flight home.  What could possibly go wrong.

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