Day 23 Wed Feb 13. Vail 4700m vertical (62450 total)

Had hoped to finally take a look at Breckenridge today.  It’s a long drive from here and it involves driving over Vail Pass – one of my least favourite drives.  Weather due in late today but there’s already a wind advisory for the pass.  Driving up through the magnificent Glenwood Canyon I still didn’t know for sure where I was heading for the day.  Ed wnded up figuring if I could get a free park at Vail that would decide the issue – and I got the 3rd last spot.

Overcast from the get go with snow clouds hanging around a lot of the surrounding peaks but wind was pretty benign.  A nice groomer warm up then dropped over the back into the bowls.  Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention and was surprised by how steep the run down was – till I realised I’d headed into the wrong bowl.  Back up top for elevenses then took the right path into China Bowl – much more at my pitch.  No real fresh except for a few patches in the trees but the open areas were still skiing well.  Got plenty of practice in bump skiing of various sizes.

Headed over to Blue Sky and a run down In The Wuides – probably my favourite run here.  Nice. Started snowing lightly and by the time I’d worked back to the top of China Bowl it was coming down steadily.  One more run here almost feeling my way to get to the trees and a bit of visibility and I figured it was time to head back to the front side.  About a cm on the runs now and was starting to make a difference.  A long fun run back to base.  Now if we ca just get some fresh.

Snowing virtually all the way back to Glenwood and was settling in the car park at the motel.  Forecasts still a bit messy but looking promising for the next few days – appendages crossed.

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