Day 22 Tue Feb 12. Green River – Snowmass – Glenwood Springs CO. 3000m vertical (57750 total)

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Colorado.

Gassed up and on the road with just the faintest hint of light in the sky. I know there’s a couple of people who won’t believe this (or understand it) but there’s nothing quite like driving into the first light of morning and watching the world light up.  A little while after Green River it gets REALLY deserted out here.  100 km or more between gas stations – definitely not the place for another bout of car trouble!

Grabbed coffee and second breakfast at Fruita where the interstate joins the Colorado and follows it upstream for over 100km.  Some truly spectacular country as the river carves its way through the land.  Headed south from Glenwood past my home for the next 3 nights and up the Roaring Fork valley to the Park and Ride at Snowmass.  Lovely sunny day and relatively mild given what I’ve been through over the last few weeks.  Headed straight for the top of the mountain – a bit worried when saw Big Burn was closed but thankfully Sheer Bliss serves the same terrain.

They’d picked up about 10cm Monday and there were some spots were fresh could still be found.  But after dropping the knee a couple of times I realised if I was going to get through this last week today would need to be tele-free.  Perfect groomers, nice soft bumps, some fun runs through the trees – Sheer Bliss pretty much sums it up.  With such nice weather had to take the platter up to the top of the Cirque.  The snow is seldom all that good up here except for the one strip of grooming – wind slab doesn’t really do it justice – but its worth it just for the views.

Even less crowded under Big Burn with once again nice variety.  Back up the top and grabbed some pizza and thought about another ride up to the summit, but it shuts down at 2.30.  Meant that my final run down to base was only 1000m vertical rather than 1200.  With a late start and heavy legs it was never going to be a big day but well worth while.  Back down the valley and checked in to my kitchenette room – another oven so more roast vegies!

Forecasts keep changing but at least it looks I will get some fresh here to finish things up

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  1. Anne Vernal says:

    I’m sure driving into the first light of the morning would be lovely … if it was 10.00am

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