Day 19 Sat Feb 9. Missoula – Ogden UT.

Wind still blowing the dog off the chain and had been going all night.  If there had been any snowfall it had all gone sideways to somewhere else.  Weather advisory out till early afternoon but hoped that with a little creative dawdling I might miss the worst of it – and just going outside for a few seconds felt positively life threatening.  Had worried that maybe I shouldn’t be leaving the area when Whitefish had been picking up so much snow but they’re completely shut down today due to wind and cold.

Was afraid I was going to get something like last years drive through hell to Discovery, but it wasn’t too bad (but not pleasant either).  For the first 30 minutes or so both lanes were completely clear of snow apart from the blowing stuff and you could almost do full speed, but gradually the left lane started getting progressively covered, and when the snow started to cover the right lane too it was time to back way off.  Some nasty moments with passing trucks when visibility would just disappear completely.

But for most of the day was able to keep up a good pace and was in to Ogden about 6.30 – all up about 1100 km since leaving Fernie  Not as scenic a drive as I have managed in the past but just happy I was able to get the whole distance done.  Had caught up with Doug’s blog this morning to see great minds (and ours as well!) think alike and he had also headed for here from Jackson, so we’ll be on the bus up to Powder Mountain together tomorrow morning.  Pretty substantial snow due up there during the day, and I definitely don’t need the excitement of another drive down that hill in a storm – been there, done that.  Final decision on the last week after tomorrow’s weather updates 

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