Day 26 Fri 30/12 Driggs – Targhee – Ogden UT. 3500m (63500 total)

Again a bit of a fizzer overnight in terms of snowfall but at least you can stand upright in town this morning.  A bit of fresh at the motel but back to rain and a VERY twitchy drive up the lower mountain access but OK once got closer to the resort.  Rushed into the day with a second breakfast – only a couple of inches fresh and still snowing so figured creative waiting was worthwhile.  Once finally on Dreamcatcher presented with Grand Foghee conditions at the top so did a run through the trees near Lost Groomer – apart from visibility was pretty good.  Headed straight for Sac and back to the favourite combination of Shaman and Medicine Bowl.  Also found the top of Northern Lights had a few fresh turns available and the lower stretch – while steep and bumpy – had lovely snow.  While snow was still a little heavy by their local high standards was still most enjoyable.

Staggered back to base for lunch and could now actually see the summit from the base, so planned a couple of easier runs of Dreamcatcher.  But falling over while virtually standing still and finally starting to feel a few twinges in the knee was enough to limit it to one.

So reluctantly left Targhee (again) and headed back toward Salt Lake (again).  Some horrendous winds and a big rainstorm heading back through Idaho Falls, but after that it calmed down and mde it in to Ogden about 8pm.

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