Day 24 Wed 28/12. Targhee 4500m (57600 total)

Reporting 5 in fresh on the morning and snowing in Driggs.  Woke feeling like death warmed up – the cold that developed rapidly yesterday has fully developed overnight.  Did a trip to the supermarket for a second batch of cold tablets – hopefully these will make my nose run LESS rather than MORE –  fuelled up on coffee and drove up the hill.  Road in pretty good nick and once parked in the lower car park started the day like any other ski day – with a ride on a horse drawn sleigh from the parking to the resort base.

Halfway through the first run – and on several other occasions n the morning – I started to wonder whether the powder chase was going to be worthwhile.  Snow was coming down wet, freezing fog was making goggles ice up with monotonous regularity and the mountain was having one of its ‘Grand Foghee’ days.  Some of the groomers had developed brown thin patches since last weeks visit (when you were low enough down the mountain to actually see anything).  But once again the snow was starting to pile up in the favoured areas.

After a few runs near Chief Joseph headed over to Sacajawea and the lower height made for far better visibility.  Spent much of the day in Medicine Bowl once again and found some new alternatives to Showdancer that were holding very good snow and lots of fun.  Snow was pretty trashed but wasn’t hitting old snow underneath very often.  Actually had to queue for a couple of minutes on the last 2 runs before heading back for lunch and on returning to base found the reason – they’d stopped running dreamcatcher due to icing problems, which is why everyone had headed to Sac.

Still not running after a quick lunch and a slower coffee – not totally disappointed as wasn’t looking forward to the lack of visibility at the top – so back to Sacajawea for more of the same.  Snow getting drier and a bit heavier toward the end.  Did some exploring at the end of one of the medicine bowl runs that took me into the trees and required some kick turns and backward sliding to extract myself – WAY too interesting.  Back to base when Sac closed and decided to call it a day – unfortunately no horses in sight so had to hoof it under my own power back to the car.

Storm watch still in effect till late Thurs and still predicting lots of snow for here and not much for Utah, so booked an extra night.  Will now have about 1600 km to drive between Fri afternoon and Sun afternoon – with hopefully a half day ski back in Utah along the way.  Good thing its Interstate almost all the way.  Finished off with a most enjoyable red chicken curry from the local Thai restaurant.

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