Day 36 Tue 1/3. Powder Mountain 3400m (84600 total)

Start of week 6 and I’m trying to eke out the last vestiges of energy in my legs.  Have had cat tickets for Powder Mountain burning a hole in my pocket since the first week of the trip and even though the snow was getting abit old it was a sensational morning so headed back up to Ogden after a relaxed start.  After a warmup on a very nice groomer rode the poma hoping the cat was running out in Cobabe Canyon but no such luck.  Tried a little of the off track here but as I expected snow was pretty variable.

So back to base, quick bus down to Sundown, up the lift then down to the cat loading area.  Only a couple of minutes wait then up to Cobabe Peak.  Sensational day and the snow looked great from above but although it started OK quickly got challenging,  Yesterdays wind and three days of sun and warming weather and it was starting to turn to ‘mank’ – a term the locals were using to describe snow that was transitioning.  Still, it was great just being out there and after the long shuffle of lifts, traverses and bus ride I was back at the loading area a bit before 3.

This time took a run down the other side of the valley keeping close to the trees where I remembered from a previous trip the snow was often good – and the top third of this run yielded some of the best turns of the trip.  Got a bit tricky again after that – a few good turns followed by wind slab followed by crust followed by deep.  Tried crossing back to the side of the valley I’d used the first run and by now a kick turn was the only way I was changing direction over there.  Back to the exit cat track and by the time I’d got back to the top of Hidden Lake ski patrol were starting to close things down.  Well worth the trip.

Still warm and sunny driving back to Salt Lake – you could get used to this.  But I think I’ve got one last storm on the way.

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