Day 35 Mon 28/2. Alta 2100m (81200 total)

Pretty tired from the last few days on the road and figured the fresh snow has by now been well and truly trashed so in no hurry to get going.  Finally decided to do an afternoon at Alta, which gave me time to lounge around for a while before heading downtown to Salt Lake Roasting for coffee.  Had been quite a bit of wind around town this morning and could see snow blowing off the ridgelines but was starting to die down a bit by the time I got to Alta.  LOTS of areas closed – including runs like Rock n Roll which had been groomed so obviously expected to open.  Even Collins Return was closed which meant If you wanted to get to the Collins area you had to take the transfer tow back at the base – life’s too short for that.

Enjoyable enough skiing but a bit limited and a bit wind packed up high.  After a short excursion off track stuck to the groomers which were by and large great.  Only out for a bit over two hours and strating to get quite cold and blowy and called it a day.

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