Day 34 Sun 27/2. Pocatello – Powder Mountain – Midvale UT. 2700m (79100 total)

One of those mornings I could have easily spent the day hibernating, but finally dragged myself out of the motel.  Stunning clear morning and about 8 below, and a great fast drive through to Ogden and up the canyon.  Powder Mountain was BUSY – car parks fuller than I’d seen before. Groomers were skiing sensationally and headed for Cobabe Canyon and amazed to find some very nice untracked lines – the only downside was a in minute lift line at the poma – the biggest queue I’d had since Snowbowl.

Back to base and thought I’d try and get on a cat ride so tried to ski down to Sundown only to find that there was a driveway cut through the 3 metre high snowpack half way down making progress somewhat challenging.  Finally made it up Sundown and skiied to the cat loading area only to find 40 – 50 people waiting, so bailed on that and headed back to the main area.  Had a couple more enoyable runs then headed for my home away from home in Midvale.

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