Day 33 Sat 26/2. Idaho Falls – Grand Targhee – Pocatello. 3900m (76400 total)

Bit wired last night from the drive and took ages to get to sleep and needed to get an early start today so feeling somewhat zombie like.  Mood improved when half way to Targhee finally managed to pick up The Car Show on NPR – two guys (the Tappet Brothers) who nominally answer callers questions about their car issues but really they just love the sound of their own voices and like laughing a lot.  Easy drive to Driggs and even the road up to Targhee didn’t have its characteristic deep icy ruts that make for one of the more challenging mountain drives.

The day started off as Grand Foggee and the top section involved skiing by touch but slowly Fogee turned back to Targhee and the snow that seemed a bit heavy early on surpisingly got easier to ski when you could see it properly. After a couple of runs on very firm groomers took to the off piste and apart from a couple of face plants had a ball.  Whole mountain was trashed but snow still deep and fresh enough to enjoy.

By the time I quit early afternoon the sun was out and despite the temp being 10 below could actually feel warm in the sun.  Gave a local a lift down the mountain grabbed a cofee and headed off on the scenic route back to Idaho Falls.  Took this road once previously and struck the densest scariest fog I’d ever driven through but no such issues today – now so warm in the car I have to blow fresh (10 below) air through the car. Day was made just about perfect when got to hear most of Prarie Home Companion on the drive. Decided that Pocatello was close enough to allow a dash to Powder Mountain in the morning and got here before dark.

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