Day 8 – Yea to Eildon. 65 km, 800 m total climbs

One rain period overnight, but still the most pleasant pack up for several days.  Forecast is for even warmer today, so we were out the gate a bit after seven.  Enjoyable climb over then fantastic descent from Cotton Pinch, before getting off the highway.  Cloud cover kept the temps down, but still pretty humid.  Saw Trevor a few km before lunch and warned him of the 90 metre rise to come.  Both puzzled when we got to lunch 2 km later without having climbed anything resembling a hill.  I really must give up trying to interpret maps late at night the day before a ride.

As it was only 9.30, grabbed lunch for later, had a coffee in Alexandra, then headed off for few more rolling hills before the major climb for the day.  Very humid and hot going, but rewarded with great views for the latter parts, and a long fast descent took away some of the pain.

Got to Eildon township, but the BV sadists took us up one last hill climb in what was now the full heat of the day to the dam spillway – at least we got a very enjoyable downhill run back to camp.

Now Trevor has consistently been first in and we had been a little harsh on him for some of his site selections, but full marks today – shade, water views, close to catering.  Lovely.  Nothing to do but eat ice cream and wait for beer o clock.

Once the sun got lower settled into a magnificent evening, and after dinner sat outside the tents watching the light fade and the stars come out – that is of course until some bozo decided to light up the night with a giant lantern.  Much appreciated when it was turned off and the stars resumed their dominance.

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