Day 7 – Seymour to Yea. 86 km, 900 m total vertical.

Another morning, another soggy campsite.  Took a while just getting things dry enough to pack away.  First sign that peoples brains were also becoming waterlogged was just out of camp where a rider rode up to a parked car with another cyclist standing behind it, and rather than pull out and pass simply kept going straight on, hit bike and car and fell over.  We were in for a long day.

More rolling hills to start the day, but the heat and humidity really kicked in on the climb out of Broadford.  SES vehicles and air ambulances didn’t bode well, and predictably when we descended from Murchison Spur, marshals were frantically trying to get people to slow down and SES guys were walking back to vehicles after hauling someone up the valley who had gone over the guard rail.  ouch.

Hot climb up from Flowerdale with the thunderheads building again, and once again the wonder that is a thunderstorm let loose.  Having learnt from yesterday’s experience once the screen started running into the eyes, I stopped riding to enjoy the full ambience of the storm.  And this time I got the bonus of hail – interesting that when it hails on your bike helmet you don’t actually seem to get hit on your head.

Passed through pretty quickly this time, and was fine and dry for the run down into Yea.  A big tree had come down across the road but SES had cleared it and it was an easy run into town.

Trevor had done another fine job of campsite selection, and after setting up worked our way though sausages, scones with jam and cream and on to a glass of wine in the main street.  Yea does know how to host a bike ride.

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