Day 6 – Nagambie to Seymour. 101 km, 400 m vertical?

Surprisingly it rained last night. The hay they put down on the mud through the main thoroughfares yesterday has tried to merge with the mud to make some entirely new substance, but another layer this morning has at least made the area around cafe navigable.

Great ride terrain most of today – just a shame the conditions didn’t always match it.  Lovely rolling hills without too much effort through to lunch at Heathcote, but really starting to heat up and the humidity was going with it. After putting up with a stretch along the Northern Highway – always one of my least favourite riding roads – turned for Seymour and back onto good touring road.  REALLY starting to heat up now and could see thunderheads forming over the area we rode through in the morning. Started thinking that a bit of rain might be nice to clear the air and cool the body.  Well, be careful what you wish for.

Sky turned black and when the rain came it came with a vengeance. The intensity quickly started washing sunscreen into my eyes, and along with the fact I couldn’t see three feet in front of me meant it was pointless trying to continue riding.  Probably the most intense rain storm I’ve never been able to get out of.

Once it backed off a bit started riding again, but now faced the added challenge of sheets of muddy water rushing across the roads from creeks that didn’t exist minutes ago.  Then wind sqalls strong enough to have you in real fear of trees coming down on top of you.  Then the second storm hit and the cycle started again. Amazing stuff.

Finally through to camp at Seymour, where Trevor had managed to score some relatively dry campsites, but I stress the word relatively.  Everything was sodden and it looked like I might end up with another water view campsite, this time from the middle of a sports field. 

Warm and sunny wandering through town, but the storms returned in the evening and set in for the night.  A person could get VERY sick of this.

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