Day 4. Murchison – Nagambie.70 km, almost flat.

A real exercise in pointlessness this morning – head 20 km north to Tatura then turn round and ride back to Murchison parallel to the outbound route. And people say my ride routes are indirect! The ride to Tatura was actually quite pleasant – cool, sunny and a light tail wind but a pretty tedious trip back.

Warming up by lunch at Goulburn weir – actually arrived before 12 then pushed on to try and get a good camp at Nagambie for the rest day.  Ended up camped near the shoreline, which has thankfully receded over the last few days, and I continued the tradition of camping on a bog – I’ll do anything for a waterfront site.

Nice to just veg out and do not much for the afternoon. Pretty muggy and the rain reappeared around 6pm and has been continuing steady but light since.  Vague plans to head for wineries and coffees tomorrow – pretty standard rest day stuff.

Looking forward to the last 4 days riding which I always expected would be the most enjoyable.  There really wasn’t 2 days riding in what we did yesterday and today.

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  1. Robyn Knowles says:

    Enjoy the rest day, I have been reduced to decaf and no wine!! until these heart flutters cease. Life in not worth living (sigh) Ps I think you might get a little we tomorrow.

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