Day 2 – Dookie to Euroa. 88 km, 900 m climbing

3 words today – mud, hills and wind.  Rain finally eased off.about 4am, and as expected most of the campsite was a.quagmire – if there’d be any sloping ground we could have played out scenes from Woodstock.  You just couldn’t get away from that lovely squelchy feeling of mud between the toes.

Very relaxed / slack start and some lovely rolling hills for the first 30km or so into Violet Town, where the enterprising locals had banks of toasters popping out raisin toast at $1 a slice.  I do miss toast on these rides. Started the long climb into the Strathbogies and even an increasing headwind didn’t stop it being great riding.  Nearing the top of the range I thought delirium must be setting in when two young goats tried to join the ride – running along the side (and sometimes the middle) of the road and beating continually.  And they were probably going to beat some of the slower riders to lunch.

Had cooled down quite a bit by lunch and qind was really starting to rip.  One more steady climb to the top of the range then a 9 km descent.  Ended up quite tricky as BIG headwinds kept you on your toes – in one spot was almost getting blown back up the hill.

Seven Creeks was in flood in Euroa, and it happened to dissecting our campsite, so we ended up split into two separate camps.  Seemed very little happening in town – quite disappointing.  VERY windy in the evening and the cold started to eat through you, making carrying all that extra gear worthwhile.

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  1. Denise Walsh says:

    Good to see that you finally had time to update the website – figured that you must be very busy on this ride………….keep it up – gives me something to do as I drink my latte.

  2. Denise Walsh says:

    Day 9 – 2nd photo – please tell me that wasn’t Trevor in the one piece red lycra…..

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