Day 7 Tue 28/12. Guthega – Illawong – Anton (almost) 12 km

Slightly less relaxed start to the day, though still eased into it with a second coffee at Guthega Alpine hotel – a most amazing place to just sit and stare out at the ranges, winter or summer.  In all our years of winter day trips from Guthega had never managed to make it to the crossing of the Snowy over Illawong bridge, so followed the track out to there with the aim of getting somewhere near the main range ridgeline.

Warned by people returning on trail of the presence of plenty of snakes, so that put paid to Anne leading at any time for the rest of the day. (Of course, we ended up seeing none!) Very pleasant stroll to Illawong Lodge – looks like it would make a great place to stay – then across the swing bridge and started to follow the footpad uphill.  Track disappeared fairly quickly so it was largely follow your nose stuff, trying to keep out of the deepest heath and wettest spots.  Trying to make it to the ridge around Anton and Twynam, but ended up settling in one ridge lower after chilling the wine in a snow bank near the top.

No cloud rolling in this time as we descended back to the Snowy and on to Guthega – getting quite hot now in the sheltered spots, and the G & T at the Guthega Hotel slipped down very nicely.  Great walking, quite a contrast to yesterday and good to finally see what a great winter route this would make.

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