Day 6 Mon 27/12. Bobs Ridge 10 km

Very relaxed start to the day – overcast in Jindabyne and the lower mountains, but webcams showing clear up top.  The plan such as it is is to do a couple of shorter walks in areas that we also want to ski in and finish up with the summit circuit.  So it was so relaxed we didn’t end up starting walking until well after midday.  After the obligatory trip to Sundance for take away lunch drove to Dead Horse Gap and walked off up the Cascades trail.

This trail often doesn’t have enough cover to ski in August, let alone by the time we’re normally here in September, although I had tried a short trip up here once before being turned back by rain.  Clear and cool and despite it being just a fire trail quite enjoyable walking looking down into the upper reaches of the Thredbo River.  a number of mountain bike riders and a few walkers out but generally pretty quiet.  Made it to Bobs Ridge and scrambled up onto some rocks for a very late lunch with fine views of the Ramsheads to the north and the Cascades ridge heading toward The Pilot to the south.

Was regretting not taking more photos on the way out as cloud quickly dropped in as we descended back toward the Thredbo making for a very different feel to the whole place.  Dinner at the old reliable Bacco.

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