Day 5 Sun 26/12. Canberra & back

With Anne flying in from Melbourne to Canberra today had originally thought about staying near Batemans Christmas Day and then shooting across to Canberra, but seeing as I was now doing a return trip from Jindy thought I might as well make it interesting by travelling up through Namadgi NP.  Enquired about road condition in Jindy and again in Adaminaby and all sounded good.  Image then my shock and dismay when 40 km in from Adaminaby I get to the entrance to the park and find a sign indicating the road is CLOSED to through traffic.  If I turned around and went the alternative route, Anne would end up getting to know Canberra Airport WAY too well.

So of course, I simply ignored the sign!  Pleasant enough drive though somewhat tempered by wondering

– whether I would make it even further and then still have to turn around

– whether yesterdays fuel blockage would reappear.

However the road of course WAS open and the car behaved perfectly and actually made it to Canberra airport before Anne’s flight.  Parked a little way away under a tree (it was now HOT) and waited for Anne to let me know she was in.  Apart from the minor issue that the airport doesn’t seem to want to let people pick up passengers curbside we were soon declining visiting the delights of Canberra and on the road back to Jindabyne.

Half way to Cooma, the car started misbehaving again, but once again after a few false starts cleared itself, and we made it to Cooma at the same time as the wind squalls and rain.  Back to Jaindabyne for Cointreau, roast dinner and the continuing drawn out discussions on what movie to watch.

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  1. Anne Vernal says:

    I thought we decided quite quickly what movie to watch, given you were the only sci fi fan present.

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