Day 4 Sat 25/12. Narooma – Jindabyne

Overcast finally cleared late yesterday and a much better morning today – clear and sunny with the heat forecast to return.  Off for an hour of fishing at Lake Corunna – a few bites, lovely setting – then back for second breakfast and pack up.  More exploring and some more fishing in the Moruya River then some final coastal exploration around Batemans Bay

Heating up rapidly and into the low thirties by early afternoon.  Very steep climb throuh the ranges to Braidwood then headed south onto the dirt.  In the middle of nowhere car started playing up with some sort of fuel blockage or vapour lock but after a few false starts it cleared itself and all good.  Cooling rapidly approaching Cooma and finally started to rain.  Stopped when I got to Jindabyne and settled in to eat the prawns I had planned to have for lunch.

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