Day 2 Thur 23/12. Mallacoota – Naroma

Lovely morning apart from having to fend off the very attentive family of magpies – one liked perching on the toaster – who took over duties once the very early rising kookaburras had finally finished their wake up calls.  Checked out Mallacoota a bit more then on to Eden for coffee.  Then spent a very enjoyable day checking out lots of inlets and beaches on the way up the coast.

Highlight was Bournda NP – a very pleasant swim in the lagoon behind the surf beach followed by a bonus sighting of a goodly sized monitor.  Made it to the cabin a few kms south of Narooma by about 4 – quite an OK setup and only a couple of minutes walk out onto a pretty surf beach.  Only downside was that mobile and internet reception was near enough to zero.

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