Day 9 Thur 30/12. Summit Walk 21 km

Unlike yesterday very calm early and we were at Charlotte Pass by a bit after 8.30 – very impressed.  While the summit road isn’t the most exciting in itself it does give sensational views and allows quick access to Rawsons Pass, where we met the hordes travelling over from Thredbo.  The track up to Kosi summit was looking like Bourke Street.

Much quieter once we diverged onto the Main Range trail.  Very impressive spider on the stone steps descending from Kosi – good thing Robyn wasn’t here.  Quite windy in the saddles but otherwise the wind was keeping temps at an enjoyable level – sensational walking conditions.  Made good time out past Mt Lee then found a small snow drift on the lee side of the range to cool the wine and have lunch overlooking Club Lake.

Legs seemed a bit heavy climbing Carruthers Peak after lunch, but still didn’t need the climbing stocks that absolutely EVERYONE seems to be using – along with carrying what little gear you have with you in plastic shopping bags.  Checked the views over the Sentinel and into Watsons Crags area then meandered down to Blue Lake, before the long trudge down to the Snowy crossing.  Not looking forward to the climb back up to the car, so took a break at the river and polished off the last of the wine.  Dragged ourselves back up the hill, admired the view over where we’d just been and tried to figure out which snow drift we had sat at.

Final minor disappointment for the day was that the coffe man at Eyre T-Bar had closed for the day – would have made a very nice place to wind down

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  1. Robyn Knowles says:

    Your happy Robyn wasn’t there I can assure you ‘Robyn’ was even happier!!

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