Day 28 – Pacific Grove – Morro Bay

Up before sunrise and took breakfast stuff down to the rocky shoreline on Asilomar State Beach just down the road from the Bide-A-Wee – very peaceful. No rush this morning so vegged out for a bit before packing and heading back into Monterey for crepes and coffee. Then off down the coast once again.

Third time I’ve done this trip in sunny conditions – would almost be a nice change to see it in wild weather, but I can wait. As usual did numerous photo stops along the way, and could occasioanlly hear the raucous carrying on of the elephant seals on the rocks below, even when many hundred of metres away. One major stop at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Stopped here in March when much of the area closed after recent fires. Area has greened up considerably since then and some of the walking areas have now re-opened, including Pfeiffer Falls, though only one of the two normally available options. Lovely redwood grove at the base and quite a pretty falls.

Back on the road and as usual had to keep pushing it – i’ts not a fast trip when there’s new sensational viewpoints and also not helped by several delays with the continual rebuilding of this road causing numerous closures. Then after a series of particularly tight hairpin bends the road escapes the mountains and starts traversing the low headlands above the beaches. Less turkey buzzard activity than last time but even more seals – one colony has gone from a few dozen to fifteen thousand in just 30 years!

Made it into Morro Bay a bit after 4, so plenty of time to settle in before wandering along the walkways along the pier watching a most spectacular sunset, then watched the last of the light fade from the balcony of my room. Headed for the same restaurant as in March for a final supper of prawns and scallops washed down by yet another local hefferweitzen – I really am getting a taste for this stuff.

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