Day 26 – Homewood. 2400m vertical (51300 total)

Last day on the tele skis – though didn’t do a single tele. Beautiful day, great views, warm, no wind – really enjoyed skiing in 2 layers and being warm instead of 4 layers and being cold. Snow was hard packed and only softened at lunchtime in a few spots, but still fun. Place was amost deserted. A little mountain by the standards here, it skis much bigger than it looks, and on a day like this the views are breathtaking as many of the runs look straight down onto the lake.

By about 2 the shadows were already over the front side and that was my cue to stop. Back to home base with enough time for TWO visits to Java the Hut which is only 3 doors down the road – great location! Took a couple of wanders down to the lake shore – which is just behind the motel – and organised accommodation for the final two nights.

This is a beautiful place, but the traffic is unbelievable – crossing the road or pulling out into traffic can take half a day.

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