Day 26 – Toponah NV – Kings Beach CA

Woke to another sunny cold day and as suspected the local tyre dealer does NOT open Sundays. Although there are a number of gas stations in town, none do even the most modest of mechanical activities, so it’s either sit here for 24 hours (which has absolutely no appeal) or drive on at 80km/hr and try to find a mechanic of sorts. After discussing likelihoods with staff at one of the gas stations, decided I shouild head toward civilizations – such as it is – so Mono Lake got the flick – very disappointing as it would have been a spectacular day for it.

Now driving at 80 km/hr doesn’t sound too bad until you have to do it on roads where EVERYONE drives at 125 plus and the distances are not insignificant. Ask 10 American drivers to explain the concept of slowing down when approaching a slower moving vehicle in front, and 9 of them will just stare at you blankly, while the 10th will just laugh. So as each car or truck came up behind me I was seeing the same scene from the Movie ‘Duel’ over and over. Not a lot of fun. Apart from that it was another pretty spectacular day.

I did consider ignoring the warnings about driving the pretend spare at over 80 but frankly it looked and felt pretty ordinary, so after almost 2 hours, got to the first town with a likelihood of relief. Predictably there was no joy. So another hour and a half to the next town which was much bigger and finally found someone who could direct me to a Walmart where they did auto stuff. Then it turned out the tyre couldn’t be repaired, so had to get on the phone to Hertz to get reluctant OK from therm to get it replaced.

So at 3.30 finally back into full travel mode. Impressive sunset heading into Reno, but no time to stop and way to busy to practice my taking photos while driving procedures. Had to go via the Hertz depot at Reno airport – only a slight detour – for some form filling then was climbing over the ridge and down into Lake Tahoe in darkness. Not as productive a day as planned, but at least I made it, and the 3 day road trip is done.

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