Day 22 – Alta. 3900m (46700 total)


Got up to see snow falling at the motel and the forecast still looking good, so decided the bus was definitely the go. Just managed to get the fresh snow off the car and to the park and ride, then had second breakfast up the hill as the snow really started to come down.

Skiing just got better all day – was snowing steadily and the snow was classic utah cold smoke that just kept getting deeper. Spent most of the day on Supreme – a bit better visibility and a bit less wind but still very cold. Spent quite a bit of time on the variations of Three Bears skiing the trees, and it was some of the best skiing of my life. Road was shut for periods of the day and very little queuing.

Probobly the first time I’ve skiied in a storm of this intensity and with such light snow, rather than skiing it the day after, and it was sweet. This is what skiing should be.

All up collected about 30cm during the day, and only two negative aspects – lots of areas – including my two favourites, Ballroom and Rock n Roll – were closed due to avalanche risk. This concentrated everyone into a smaller area but apart from the main run off Sugarloaf it was surprisingly quiet.

The other bummer was the trip down – 2 and a half hours standing in a bus from Alta to the mouth of the canyon, with another 20 minutes further after that and another de-snowing of the car. And it was worth every minute of it.

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