Day 21 – Alta. 4200m vertical (42800 total)

Snowing lightly at the motel this morning and a series of events scheduled to bring snow over the next couple of days. Snow forecast to start late morning so didn’t rush up there – started snowin pretty much as I arrived and kept snowing lightly all day. Pretty hard packed to start but although only picked up a couple of cm during the day it just improved all day.

Much busier than Christmas day, but using the single lanes never queued for more than a minute or two all day and only really crowded on the popular intermediate runs. Had a few runs in Ballroom in much different conditions than usual – quite packed and relatively flat, but so was the light, so still had its challenges. If this storm delivers, the next 2 days could be pretty full on, so mainly kept to the groomers and kept at it till about 4. All in all very enjoyable.

By the time I’d done my farewell visit for the day to Alta Java and hoofed it back to the car, the continuing snowfall and the hordes descing the hill had created a traffic snarl, and it was a SLOW trip back down to Salt Lake, where it had also been snowing and the driving was rather treacherous.

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