Day 19 – Deer Valley. 2300m vertical (37150 total)

Woke up with a cold and should have used that as an excuse for doing nothing much but decided to do an afternoon at Deer Valley – bad move. Lovely sunny day once you got out of the Salt Lake inversion and I’d often wanted to check out Deer Valley to see how the upper classes go about their skiing. Figured an afternoon would be enough, particularly as a half day here costs more than a full day at most places I ski.

Well I’ve skiied ice that was more forgiving than the incredibly compressed snowmaking cover on the runs here. Often saw people with their skis off walking down runs or sliding down on their bums having given up trying to turn on this white concrete. Could make some acceptable skiing by working the sides of some runs but it really wasn’t all that pleasant.

Worked my way round through most of the areas but all much the same. Off piste was VERY marginal, and to add to the frustration this place is SO much about luxury condos that there are roads across the slopes in many areas that would have otherwise provided alternatives to the groomed runs.

The one bright light was the food – had a slice of roast duck pizza for lunch and an even yummier piece of apple pie for afternoon tea. Headed back into Park City at the end of the day for a coffee and a wander up and down Main Street.

A small snow system being forecast for midweek but still nothing major on the horizon. Starting to plan how to spend the last week when I leave here New Years Day.

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