Pre ride – Friday 26 Nov. Yarrawonga

VERY steamy ride to the polling booth and on to the station this morning, but arrived nice and early for a change. Some BIG thunderstorms north of Euroa but thankfully dry here when we arrived, so able to set up camp without drama.

After pitching new tent for the first time outside the back yard, wandered over to the other side of the oval to find Trevor already set up and Melissa just arriving. Wandered down town for beer and coffee on the shore of the lake, where the only unpleasant aspect was the ridiculously loud race boats.

Along with everyone else waited ages in the pub for a meal, then back to the campsite where it’s tough to figure out which is worse – me trying to type on the keyboard on this phone or the 18.5 million insects that seem intent on sharing my tent.

But it’s not raining, so all up life is good.

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2 Responses to Pre ride – Friday 26 Nov. Yarrawonga

  1. Malcolm Sinclair says:

    G’day Mick
    Seems to be working like a bought one.
    Not sure what this does so figured it’s one way to find out.
    Have a great ride – we’ll look for your posts and catch up when you get back.

    • Karen Nichol says:

      I know you will be missing me beyond words so thought I would sign in to wish you luck. I know you will be drinking for me as well and you must be relieved to not have to share your layers with a Nichol!! Looking forward to updates and wishing I was there (yes, really!) Karen

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