Day 1 – MEL – LAX – SLC

I hate tempting fate, but I think the travel gods just don’t care about tormenting me any more. Had checked in on line Tue night, and when I rocked up at the airport, the check in lines were chockers as usual, whereas when I walzed up to the online check-in desk, I hadn’t even got my paperwork in order before someone was ready to check me through. Then at LAX had to wait all of 5 minutes to get through customs – I was through before my bags were on the carousel! Only slight hiccups were taking off 20 mins late and QANTAS telling us we didn’t need to fill in entry forms if we’d registered on line whereas of course we did. And I even got my second trip on an A380.

Lovely clear morning in LA and after leaving customs got the next bonus of the day, being able to re-check bags straight through to Salt Lake, thus avoiding Delta’s baggage charges. Much of the desert was snow covered on the flight up, and the extent of the cold was like a slap in the face walking out of the terminal at Salt Lake. Picked up a pretty neat Nissan Rogue AWD and managed to keep shrugging off waves of tiredness long enough to readjust to driving on the right in the 30 minute drive to Midvale. Got some shopping and noodles for dinner which I barely managed to eat before the first of several sessions of falling asleep in front of TV. All is normal.

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