Day 54 – Monterey – Morro Bay

The vultures are circling – and they’re also gliding and doind simple aerobatics. Had been seeing LOTS of raptors all day today with a very distinctive flying style and markings, and have now found out that they are turkey vultures. Most impressive.

Pretty relaxed start with a couple of coffees, crepes and a wander around a sunny and peaceful Monterey. Nice to have the extra time this trip and not have to rush off at dawn. Took a few stops at some of the view points then went for a walk at Big Sur. Much of the country to the east of the road had been heavily burnt last summer and was now closed to the public. One trail on the other side of the road was still open, so headed off for a short look at the river and redwoods, but ended up doing the whole walk to the buzzard roost lookout, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time for other stops along the way. but a sensational day regardless.

Made it to Morro Bay with a n hour or so of daylight, so wandered around for a bit before settling down for a hefferweitzen or two and a delicious meal of scallops and prawns. Then started the impossible task of getting all my gear into 2 bags.

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