Day 53 – Mariposa – Yosemite – Monterey

With daylight savings I was up before the sun, and made it Yosemite significantly earlier than yesterday. Quite a bit cooler and cloud hanging around the top of the valley walls, and even an isolated snowflake or two, so quite a different feel to yesterday. Wandered around the valley again for a while, then drove out Hwy 120 to the Tuolmne grove of Sequioas

I’d been to the Mariposa grove in spring on my first trip, but this grove was under full snow cover so quite a different feel to it. Had thought about skiing it, but instead opted for my nifty new boot chains which did the job nicely.- it would have been a very ordinary ski. Spent about an hour and a half walking in and around the grove, and by then it was too late to try a trip to Hetch Hetchy, so bid farewell to Yosemite and hit the road.

There is no obvious route from Yosemite to Monterey on the map, and I seemed to be going in all directions, but eventually the pacific came into sight and made it to Monterey with enough time forr a wander around in daylight.

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