Day 52 – Yosemite. 15km skating (183 total)

Another day in paradise. Blue sky, no wind and finally – skiable snow on the valley floor at Yosemite. Slow start, not helped by me forgetting that daylight saving starts here today. Slow but beautiful drive up the Merced valley and then as always just simply knocked back by the scope of this place. It’s taken 5 visits but I finally got to go for a leisurely skate across one of the meadows below El Capitan, just meandering around netween the trees and the river. Took the standard short walk around Lower Yosemite Falls, and stopped at a number of viewpoints around the valley. added bonus was the mound of frozen spray building at the base of the upper falls.

Probably should have stayed in the valley – it was the sort of day when you happily just watch the world go by – but such a perfect day calls for you to try and do everything, so drove up to Badger Pass ski area perched 1200 metres above the valley floor. My other long term Yosemite plan is to ski the 33 km return trip to Glacier Point, but once again drastically lacking in enthusiasm and energy, and thankfully way too late in the day to start.

Headed out on the Glacier Point Rd for a bit over 6 km anyway and turned around and came back – pleasant enough without being sensational. Stopped for the obligatory views of Half Dome and the valley on the way back down, then got stuck behing a number of drivers incapable of understanding the concept of slow vehicles using turnouts.

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