Day 51 – Tahoe Vista – Royal Gorge – Mariposa. 10km skating (168 total)

Yet another calm cold sunny morning – a person could get used to this. Feeling like I could easily do nothing today, and procrastinated long enough to almost ensure it, but can’t pass up a ski at Royal Gorge when I’m this close, so drove around the lake for some last views, then up toward Alpine. What a difference a day makes. It was after 10 and there was a queue several hundred metres long waiting to turn into the approach road. And Squaw Valley was even worse – queue for there stretched back several kms.

Even Royal Gorge was busy, but only in relative terms, and once out on the trails pretty deserted. Was aiming for Mariah Point but lethargy won out, and I cut the trip short with a trail I haven’y skkied before – and hopefully won’t again – talk about hill climbs!

Away a bit after 1pm, and managed to avoid the ‘short cut’ I’d taken the last 2 trips and stuck to the main highways. The downside of this is that you spend more time driving through the San Joaquim Valley – generally considered to be one of the most boring places in the known universe – but on such a stunning day even the valley doesn’t look too bad. Ended up having a pretty fast run, and was in Mariposa – in the foothills below Yosemite – in time for a wander around in the last light.

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