Day 49 – Alpine Meadows. 3700m vertical (75600 total)

My last day of lift skiing for the trip and a pretty good finish. Had considered another day at Homewood, but knew it would be disappointing compared to the last 2 days, so headed for a hill I had really enjoyed on an early trip many years back. Sensational day that had started with a little addititional fresh snow, and the groomers were about as good as it gets.

Had a couplre of runs off piste in Sherwood area on the back side of the mountain, but snow had solidified a fair bit since yesterday, and would require a lot more speed and commitment than I was prepared to give, so returned to the groomers and had a blast until my ankle started to tell me the trip was almost over.

Back to Tahoe City for a coffee and a wander around near the lake shore while the laundromat did its thing.

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