Day 48 – Homewood 3100m vertical (71900 total)

wow …

Wow …

WOW !!!

One of the highlights of the trip. Woke to brilliant sunshine and another 30cm of snow on the car – and everywhere else. Road closures galore and many ski areas struggling to open lifts and terrain after up to 60cm overnight. Decided to return to Homewood – at $39 a day and being at lake level I figure I’ve got as much chance of getting there as anywhere else.

Well it may not have been 5% Utah cold smoke, but it was about as dry as Tahoe snow gets and a grand total of about 300 people on the hill, about half of whom at anyone time were trying to extract themselves from falling in soft deep snow. They’d done minimal grooming and the skiing was just sensational. With the much slower snow today, a run that I had struggled with for steepness yesterday was just steep enough to keep the skis running today, and managed to follow my own tracks through untracked thigh deep snow for multiple runs. Not much vertical today but it was all about quality.

Got a few views of the lake early then the snow returned – not as heavy as yesterday but enough to make a difference. Finished the day as you would hope for such a good one – with beer and wings.

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