Day 46 – Astoria – Portland – Coast Starlight

Cold and windy start to the day, but at least the rain had stopped. Did a quick dash south to Cannon Beach for another brief look at the Pacific, then back through Astoria and took the route I thought I was taking yesterday back to Portland. As always everything takes longer than planned, and by the time I’d done a bit more shopping, dropped the car at the airport and caught the light rail back to downtown, there wasn’t much time to check out Portland. Oh well, next trip.

Managed a seat to myself and almost straight away the amtrak tradition of running late was on us as we did 10km an hour for ages waiting to pass some freight train, and within 2 hours we were already an hour behind schedule. Apart from listening to the incessant discussions between a woman and her 2 teenage daughters, it was a pretty uneventful trip and managed to grab a few snatches of an hours sleep.

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