Day 4 Tue Jan 28. Powder Mountain 3500m vertical (8800 total)

Return to paradise.

hadn’t got as much snow as Alta but still a nice bit of fresh had me trying to get to the early bus at Ogden but I got my timing calculations a bit wrong and managed to arrive with plenty of time in hand – for the next bus!  So after second breakfast met up with the others at the Park and Ride for another long bus ride up the hill – though no traffic this time.  Was at the ticket window about to buy my seniors day pass when the guy behind teams up with me so we can get a 2 for one deal (one of the 2 needs to be a local).  So half price ticket – excellent start!

Deserted car park and pretty much the same on the hill.  Lovely soft groomers and plenty of soft snow off the side.  Did the full circuit with a couple of runs off the poma moving on and off the groomed, a lovely run through the aspen at the top of Cobabe and after elevenses did the full tour via Village and Marys.  The fresh wasn’t deep and it was a little variable in places but for the most part the snow was just wonderful. Really getting into the teles and finding an added bonus with the new rig – when you bury yourself in the snow – as I am wont to do – you don’t get a huge build up of snow between boot and binding.

Highlight for the day was the run down the far side of Cobabe Canyon.  While it was a little slabby up top it was just about perfect in the descent into the bottom of the valley.  Very nice chilli for lunch, then one more circuit of Cobabe and back to the base about 10 mins before the bus was due to leave.  Snowing lightly one and off during the morning and coming down quite nicely as we were finishing.  Was nodding off on the bus ride down but thankfully woke up enough to drive back to base.

Weather forecasts heading into early next week have been flip flopping a bit but I think I’m still fairly comfortable with plan A so will have one more day here then start heading north on Thursday.  And if we’re lucky we’ll get a bit more fresh tonight.  Haven’t been taking many photos yet but will hopefully get a few up tomorrow night.

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