Day 3 Mon Jan 27. Alta 2300m vertical (5300 total)

And the dirty ridge delivers!  Alta reporting 10 inches overnight and still snowing, interlodge in effect and road closed  till 8am.  A little wet snow on the car as we had a ‘wintry mix’ down here during the night.  Met Doug & Ngaere at the Park and Ride and surprised bus was running on schedule – but that changed pretty quickly as we had a SLOW trip just trying to get to the mouth of the canyon.  Only bright spot was when a police car escorted the bus past a whole lot of cars.  Snowing quite heavily all the way up.

Had to change buses at Snowbird and just settling back into the new one when someone asks if anyone’s dropped a phone in the snow – yep it was mine! I think it was over an hour and a half when we finally made it to Albion base.  But it was just about worth the wait.  Snow was a little upside down – fell light and dry at first then got a bit wetter – but only by Utah standards. Was just great to be back in soft snow – and of course I had to have a couple of stacks just to test the depth.

Thankfully had a much better sleep last night and the leg no longer looks like a leg of lamb and the right boot now actually feels comfortable. Generally pretty quiet and skiing almost straight onto lifts and LOTS of lovely snow.  Only real downside was that Rock N Roll and Ballroom never opened.  Slowly got the feel for the new boot / binding combo – think I’m REALLY going to like this setup.

We were all pretty shagged pretty early and Ngaere still hadn’t got over the flight so happy to have an early finish and a thankfully short bus ride back down the hill.  Managed to fill in most of the night logged into work.

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