Day 2 Sun Jan 26. Park City 3000m vertical

Should have known that I wasn’t going to have my traditional first night ‘sleep of the dead’ when I was still awake at 11 and really didn’t feel all that flash when I arose, so figured best cure was to go skiing.  Just wanted a few hours to ease into it and Doug & Ngaere were having a relaxed (i.e. non-skiing) start, so headed around to The Canyons.  Sundance film festival was getting up and running and LOTS of traffic heading for Park City.  Just squeezed into the back of the main car park and once up at the base area walked straight into a ticket window and got epic pass arranged.

Today is day one on new bindings and boots – always a risk to do such a thing on an OS trip but boot fit was quite similar to the old ones and had been properly fitted so wasn’t feeling too concerned.  So it was a bit of a worry when I spent much of the day wanting to amputate my right leg due to the pain the boot was causing me.  Partly a problem with long johns and socks combination, but mostly due (I think) to my forgetting to wear flight socks on the trip over.  The leg had swelled a bit and was rebelling at being stuffed into a ski boot.

So developed a new style which involved virtually zero pressure being applied on the right ski – interesting.  Also kept a number of people amused as I tried to come to grips with the step in / step out of the new bindings – had seemed so easy on the carpet at home.  Oh well.

Given all that had a nice cruisy day.  Only ventured off trail a few times and was fairly quickly back on to the groomed.  Firm underfoot but a long way from the white concrete I’ve often encountered here.  Spent a bit more time on the Park City side of the hill than I normally do, with nice chalky snow up high.

Enjoyed when I saw my first squirrel for the trip so you can imagine the excitement level when people on the chair in front pointed out the moose lounging around in the snow directly under the chair – and of course camera buried in the bag.

Back at the motel one more look through everything before deciding that the main portable drive – that I have all my videos on to relieve me from the pretty average TV programming – had either been left on a flight or (more likely) sitting on the table at home.  Thankfully some music videos on the second drive so not a complete loss.

We’re under the influence of a ‘dirty ridge’ this week weather wise so while no big storms in the forecast will hopefully pick up a bit of fresh.

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