Day 1 Sat Jan 25. MEL – LAX – SLC – Murray UT

A few minor speed humps getting here today.  We were a little late leaving.  From overheard conversations I think they were just about at their weight limit – so much so that one of the 3 late arrivals who had finally got onto the plane (just in front of me) was asked to leave after they’d been in their seat for about 10 minutes.  We often make up time heading west with favourable winds but we actually lost more time en route.  And then as we’re heading in to land they announce we’re going to be dumped at a remote gate and bussed to the terminal.  So by the time I’m on the bus we’re now about 30 mins behind schedule and I’m starting to get a little nervous.

But from there it was all blue skies – well for me at least.  Bus actually dropped us right outside the customs hall so didn’t have to do the standard half marathon through endless terminal corridors.  Walked straight up to the passport scanners.  Saw pretty standard length snaking lines to get through the actual customs control, but for once I got directed to a ridiculously short line where I didn’t get asked a question and barely broke stride. Even a change in terminals requiring another bus ride didn’t stop me getting to the gate with time to spare – which actually ended up as PLENTY of time to spare as the flight ended up almost an hour late.

Always a little nervous about hire car pickup but also smooth sailing and have ended up with a quite flash Nissan Rogue.  Did all the normal shopping stops as the last of the light faded and the fog rolled in and have settled in to my home for the first 5 nights  Must have got a bit more sleep on the plane than I initially thought as I’m still awake at 11.  Looks like a little snow early in the week then dry but staying cool s0 should allow a nice easy re-entry into skiing over the next few days.

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