Day 27 Sun Feb 17. SLC – LAX – MEL

So I’m about 3 hours into the flight and trying to hold off on sleeping a little while in the hope I might get more than an hour or two for once. A nice relaxed pace pack up this morning and headed for salt lake roasting for a coffee – except of course being Sunday they’re not open till one are they. One last REI visit , but couldn’t find anything too exciting so did what I normally do in such circumstances – bought some more gloves!

Dropped the car off and true to their word they knocked a couple of days off the rental for all the stuffing around in canmore. Was through screening so fast I ended up with almost 2 hours before boarding. Weather closed in, and in an aisle seat so no idea if there were any views. While we waited to unload at LA the plane was really rocking in the wind. Enjoyed the convenience of a single ticket with a quick bus between terminals, no second screening and time for coffee, beer food and wine. Couldn’t justify the extra cash for economy X for the trip home so back in standard cattle class with the guy in front of me continually trying to see if he can recline his seat just that little bit more. Oh well.


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