Day 21 Mon Feb 11. Murray – Alta – Green River UT 2850m vertical (54750 total)

So it eventually stopped snowing last night.  Had a lousy nights sleep and although up early just couldn’t get properly fired up and half way through packing the car realised I wasn’t going to make the bus we’d agreed on and texted Doug.  Finally got there (just) in time for the next bus but with the canyon road being closed till 8.30 this morning timetables were out the window.  So after a very slow trip standing up in the bus I found myself donning skis at about 10.30 – over 2 hours after leaving the motel.  And after standing waiting over 20 minutes for the bus I only realised I’d left the camera in the car AFTER we departed!

Incredibly slow snow at the top of Supreme.  Got excited to see very few tracks into Rock N Roll but as I headed down there I realised why – it was so deep and slow you just about had to pole downhill. So far, somewhat underwhelmed.  As Ballroom was already open decided to head across to Collins – and when I got there a text Doug had sent me over half an hour ago finally managed to find me – and of course he was back where I had just come from.  A LONG traverse line into Ballroom and lovely snow but I found I had to just about point straight downhill to keep moving.

Headed for Watsons for coffee and food where finally managed to catch up with Doug.  Headed for Racecourse saddle – I figured its steeper pitch would be ideal today.  I should have realised when I saw the speed that Doug hit when he headed down that the snow over here was a tad faster.  After a couple of survival turns headed back to my regular slightly easier pitch.

Doug convinced me to head for Wildcat – where I had done my deep head plants last time here.  I tried traversing out into a bowl that looked a little less steep on the ride up, but it had HUGE (though very soft) bumps and I lost it a bit and had to bail out sideways.  But from here found lovely snow and got into the rhythm of it and ended up doing several laps through different lines through here with sensational snow.  Great stuff. 

Stunning sunny day with no wind except on the ridgetops and would have been nice to do a full day but tiredness from yesterday and the prospect of a 3 hour drive this afternoon saw me part company with Doug a bit after 2.  We’d had 2 days of some of the best Utah can deliver, and I was even more comfortable now with my decision to head for Colorado for the last 4 ski days of the trip even if they don’t get as much snow as Utah.

Enjoyed the luxury of a seat on the bus down then joined the seemingly endless procession of cars heading south on I-15.  Perfect afternoon for a drive and after a steady climb up to and across Soldier Summit a spectacular descent through Price Canyon.  Fully dark for the last half hour or so into Green River.  Not a lot to recommend a stay here except for the fact that it’s pretty much half way between Salt Lake and Glenwood Springs

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