Day 20 Sun Feb 10. Ogden – Powder Mountain – Murray UT 4700m vertical (51900 total)

Surprised myself by being at the Park and Ride at the mouth of the canyon well in time for the early bus.  Only reporting 2 in overnight but figure it’s still a good option for the day.  Well they may have only got a bit yesterday but you would swear it had snowed feet rather than inches the way it skiied.  We were expecting the storm to head in by mid morning but weather was actually benign and we even got sunny breaks.

Started with a perfect groomer run then headed for multiple laps of Hidden Lake and Sunrise, taking different lines through the trees and always finding lovely soft deep powder, often only lightly tracked.  This was more the skiing that I expect from this place.  After late elevenses / early lunch we headed out the other side to Village and then over to Marys.  Almost untracked areas through the aspen then up Marys and did the wide traverse out to the other side of Cobabe Canyon.  Was trying to end up in the lovely open slope that I’ve hit many times in the past but by a providential mistake we ended up on a completely untracked run through the trees in what came damn close to perfect snow.

Snow was so good that even the long cat track out to Paradise was just fun.  By now our fine weather had finally gone bye bye and the snow was starting to set in.  So good that we figured it was worth facing the long ride out on Paradise one more time so did the more traditional run out into skiers left side of Cobabe.  Back up top one more run through the trees off Sunrise and my legs were absolutely shot – and I don’t think Doug had a lot left either.  

System was obviously much later coming through than forecast but the drive down still probably would have been a little dubious at best so still happy to be on the bus.  Back at the Park and Ride I was sitting on hold on the phone for a LONG time trying to cancel some accommodation watching the snow start to come down even at lower levels.  Finally on the road, the drive to Salt Lake got progressively worse in rain / sleet / snow.  Discovered another ‘smart’ (meaning REALLY dumb!) feature of my car.  Instead of having manually selectable variable wiper speed it has an automatic one doesn’t it.  So when  a car would come past and spray my car they would go into overdrive with no way to slow them down other than shut them off.

By the time I turned onto the belt loop snow was settling FAST on the road and conditions were horrendous.  Managed to get onto the right exit but couldn’t even see the left lane once I was on it so kept heading south and grabbed coffee and groceries before checking in.  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen it snow at such a rate down here in the valley.  Unpacking the car was an experience all in itself.

SO glad I wasn’t trying to get any further today.  Alta picked up a lazy 9 inches yesterday and similar forecast for tonight so guess where we’re heading for tomorrow. 

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