Day 14 Mon Feb 4. Canmore

Frustrations, part 2

Figured I’d have a creatively slow start and this time check the snow reports a bit more carefully.  At 9am Sunshine was again closed, but based on forecast temps and yesterdays discussion I figured / hoped things might start to get moving by late morning.  By 11.30 still nothing, though Lake Louise has one more lift open.  Figure I’ll go do some shopping and if nothing doing at Sunshine by then I might head for the nordic trails instead.

10 minutes later I’m back inside having failed completely to get the car to exhibit the slightest interest in starting.  Almost know the Alamo roadside assistance number by heart now.  Helpful lady got me to try a couple of things but nada.  So then waited for almost 3 hours for Canadian RACV equivalent to turn up.  The man was not impressed with a new car set up in such a way that you needed to wade through the manual to figure out which battery terminal was positive, but eventually he connected the jump start kit and voila, we had action.  Have no idea whether I’d left something on or whether the battery was just reacting to the cold like the rest of us.

By this time of course there’s not a lot left of the day, so went for a drive for a bit to get some charge back into the beast.  The one saving grace is that the cloud has finally dropped away and the surrounding peaks have been revealed in all their glory.  A person could be stuck in worse places.

I wonder what tomorrow has in store ….

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