Day 1 – MEL – AKL – LAX – SLC

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Well the travel gods threatened me but ended up letting me through. I was there 3 hours early but ended up with a 4 hour wait as the airport didn’t want to give our plane a gate. Supposedly made up some of the lost time en route to Auckland, but we were still over an hour late leaving there and my window of opportunity at LA was shrinking rapidly.

However, being in second row of cattle class meant I beat a LOT of others into the Customs Hall, and within 30 minutes I was hearing the old familiar refrain – “the white zone is for loading and unloading only” – as I lugged my gear along the footpath to the Delta terminal. Ended up at the gate with about 5 minutes to spare.

Great flight across the desert with snow in all directions and the grand canyon in the distance. Stepped out into the lovely cool air at Salt lake and felt like I was home. Picked up my hot little silver Pontiac G6 GT and was at the motel with a bit of daylight to spare – 28 hours door to door.

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