Day 26 – Tahoe Vista – Fresno

Awoke to strong wind in the trees and the surf building up on the lake. Weather forecasts are still pretty much as per yesterday, so I’m out of here. Decided to take the scenic route out via the lake shore to South Tahoe then via Hwy 50. Stopped at Homewood and still considering a ski, but with the wind this strong at lake level I figured it wouldn’t be much fun, so the skiing for this trip is now officially done.

South Lake Tahoe was crawling with traffic and an amazing amount of building new developments since just 2 years ago. Decided North Shore was definitely the place to be. Pretty drive out over the top then a gradual descent to the foothills. A bit of rain that got steadier as I dropped into the valley but at least it kept the dreaded fog away. Weather didn’t really get any worse and with a bit of stuffing around made it to the delights(?) of Fresno around dusk.

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