Day 23 – Powder Mtn. 3600m vertical

My 62nd day on snow for the year – a target I will enjoy trying to better some time in the future. And it was a beauty. Forecast for the storm cycle to finally fizzle out today, but it snowed lightly most of the day and though visibility was a bit better there was only a couple of patches of blue skies. The wind of the last few days has had its effect, with the snow now quite variable – often wind slab near tops of ridges and wind packed in others. However still great skiing and still some loveley light powder stashes to be found.

Had one return run in Cobabe Canyon and although it was sensational in spots was not quite as good as Sat, so stayed mainly on the runs off Hidden Lake and Sunrise. Nice mix of groomers and powder. Kept close to the trees wherever possible as it was one of those almost vertigo-inducing days where the light was so flat you could fall over standing still.

Despite the snow through the day, the drive down was a picnic compared to Sat – 10 mins to Wolf Creek as compared to 75! A great way to round out the year.

Have now loaded photos up to Christmas Day – should be up to date within a day or two – just in time to come home.

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