Day 21 – Salt Lake – Powder Mtn – Ogden. 3800m vertical

Powder Mtn lived up to its name today – 9in overnight and snowing virtually all day, often heavy. Snow was very light and dry and the skiing fantastic. This was the other mountain I vowed to return to after last trip, even though the snow then was not great. It has old slow lifts and walking into the eateries on mountain you think you’ve done the time warp back to the sixties, but the snow is wonderful and the terrain varied, interesting and not too steep. Early in the trip I’d abandoned all hope of skiing here this trip, but things have really turned around in the last fortnight.

Excited to hear Cobabe Canyon was open – an area I didn’t get to ski last trip and reputed to be one of the best powder learning areas around – wide open, not too steep and never groomed. Early on caught a chair with a couple who knew the mountain pretty well and they escorted me out there and showed me the approach – most helpful. We even skiied through groves of Aspen – something I hadn’t done before.

Great skiing out here but it’s a long slow circuit – takes three lifts and a lot of traversing but its well worth it. Three runs out here – including the requisite number of crashes in deep pow and the exhausting extractions to get back on its surface – saw me pretty wrecked and very happy. Only downside was later in the day the wind was really whipping up – very cold, horizontal blowing snow and little visibility.

In the car and starting to head down the mountain at about 4.15 when things ground to a halt. Now the Powder Mountain access road is steep and narrow, and the snow clearing seemed to be non existent, despite the fact the probably 5 – 6 in had accumulated during the day. We were crawling down the hill at about 3 mph and at first I thought there must be a crash ahead, but as I watched numerous cars – including 4WD’s – ahead of me have little slides and then had a few myself I realised it was simply because it was unsafe to drive any faster. 75 mins to do something like 5 miles to Wolf Creek Resort down in the valley – about the toughest drive I’ve had in a long time. Reading report from a regular local skier later that he’d basically controlled his descent by regularly running into the snow bank at the side of the road to. Fun stuff

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